Resources for Displaced Workers

If you are healthcare that has been fired or forced out due to the mandate, please help us keep track by filling out this form.


Christmas Gifts:

Open to Displaced Healthcare or Other Industries Forced out by Vaccine Mandate: 

Please email if you'd like to be considered to be sponsored by a local business or fill out an application for Hope of the Grand Valley (all displaced healthcare applications are currently be accepted for gifts for their WHOLE family). This is not a hand out, this is a THANK YOU. Don't hesitate to accept it!

Christmas Gift Application here

More Urgent or Specific Needs: Please contact and detail who you are, how you are affected and what your needs are and we will do our best to contact you immediately and assist if we can. We can sometimes help with groceries, meal trains, moving help, reliable babysitting, job searches and even partial rent payments in some cases.


More help below!