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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting for Monday, November 15th, 9 AM



  1. Don’t attack the county commissioners; we are not getting them to stop the mandate.

  2. We are lobbying them to make progress, one step at a time. 

  3. They need the local numbers.  Not what The Sentinel is reporting, not what the CEOs are saying, but what you are seeing first hand, and how those entities are manipulating the numbers.

  4. Explain how covid cases are reported

  5. Explain how “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated” is being defined and used to report data to the public in a dishonest way

  6. Explain the difference between being “at capacity” vs. “severely understaffed”

  7. Go after the coercion tactic

  8. Repeat the updated VAERS Numbers; share the UK reporting system (name?) numbers too

  9. Inform them of the stats of those compliant (omitting the exempted)

  10. Bring awareness, from a healthcare worker’s perspective, to the atrocities you have seen/experienced amongst patients

  11. Bring awareness, from a healthcare worker’s perspective, to the injustice amongst hospital staff, bosses, co-workers, etc.


  1. Stop coercing and bribing people

  2. Call for a state of emergency, or an exemption from the mandate due to local hardships it’s creating

  3. Put pressure on our health department to provide clear, transparent information=INFORMED CONSENT (proper safety warnings)regarding the vaccines

  4. We need our health department to track adverse events and post on our Data Dashboard.  



  1. They are currently writing a letter on our behalf to CDPHE

  2. This lets other counties know that Mesa County has taken this step; could be contagious

  3. McInnis acknowledged for the first time that VAERS could possibly be true- it could actually be 17,000 + people that have died

Thank You Health Care Heroes Dinner - November 10th, Palisade, 6pm


This is open to ALL SUPPORTERS including other industries and of course, healthcare. We do not want healthcare to lift a finger (with the exception of those who are willingly putting this on with us) so supporters will supply the food.


We will be celebrating healthcare heroes in Palisade this coming Wednesday, November 10th, at 6pm. Location will be disclosed closer to dinner date. Many of those in healthcare have been here before.


If you are healthcare, please don't feel obligated to bring food. We want to thank you for taking care of us these last couple years. It's the least we can do. If you are a supporter, in addition to bringing a dish, please consider bringing gifts. Gift cards are always appreciated, especially grocery gift cards. Gift cards to help healthcare and other industries with their upcoming holidays are wonderful too. Wine also makes a great gift! Email us if you have other ideas, we're open!




So we don't all bring too much of the same thing and have every dish covered, please follow instructions below and be sure to bring a dish large enough to serve 8-10 people. You may bring extra dishes/desserts/drinks as well if you feel generous. PLEASE LABEL AND COVER YOUR DISHES SO WE DON'T HAVE TO GUESS. Other asks will be down below.


Last Names Beginning with an A-E

Please bring an appetizer (can include soups/stews or salads). If you bring a soup, please bring styrofoam or hearty paper bowls to go with it!


If you bring a salad, please leave the dressing on the side and already ready to go (not unwashed and still in bags). We do not want to be preparing food at the last minute. DON'T EVERYONE BRING A SALAD. We will only need a few.


Most of us do like meat and bread, but for those of you who already cook this way, please consider a vegetarian/vegan app or gluten free app if you have a dish that people of all persuasions would enjoy. if you If you bring a dip, please bring the chips/bread or carrying device as well!


Last Names Beginning with an F-J

Please bring an item that would be considered a hearty app, protein or even a main course (lasagnas or enchiladas for example). It doesn't have to be large as this is probably the most time-consuming dish. We will be reaching out to restaurants to help supplement some of this. If this is too much, bring a light app (think spinach dip, pigs in a blanket, meat balls). Other ideas here.


Last Names Beginning with an K-R

Drinks! Sodas, teas, fizzy waters, waters (likely will have plenty already), adult beverages. Please bring them cold if appropriate and bring your coolers filled with ice (and also be sure to take them home!). 12 drinks should be enough per supplier. If you feel like you got off easy, you probably did so bring some gift cards or another appetizer!


Last Names Beginning with an S-X

Please bring a dessert! You guys get the fun job! Please limit ice cream unless you can provide cooler/ice. If you are a diabetic or of the vegan/vegetarian, gluten free persuasion, please consider making a dessert that you love and be sure to label it.


Extra Asks:


Heavy Duty Paper Plates (think dixie brand)


Plastic Cutlery




Plastic Cups


Ziploc bags and disposable individual foil containers, plastic takeaway dishes, etc. We want to send healthcare heroes home with goodie bags.


If you can supply extra asks, please confirm you're coming or can drop off with a separate email and amount you can bring. If you know of restaurants/wineries willing to help healthcare heroes, please email us.


October 31, 2021


Bad news and good news:


Bad news first: As of Friday 10/29, we are up to 70 healthcare workers in Grand Junction (that we know of!). Share this link and please invite them to sign up for emails so they can join us. If they knew how many people are set to be fired or "put on administrative leave" this week, they'd fight with us or at the very least, be looking to move. If the lost jobs weren't tragic enough, the needless death that will take place in this valley will be even worse. When you want to point blame, do NOT blame these healthcare workers who decided they weren't going to be bullied into taking a shot and giving up a freedom that was given to us by God (government does not own our bodies). Instead, blame these facilities who colluded with the government before the mandate even  and are willingly cooperating because their profits mean more to them than their community and their employees.


Scary fact: Our ER times at St. Mary's were at about 8 hours just a little over a week ago and they haven't even started their massive terminations yet. YOU WON'T HEAR ABOUT THIS IN THE LOCAL NEWS. They are purposely doing it in waves so it's not as obvious. Well, let's make it obvious this week!


Okay, now for some good news: While these facts are upsetting, we are also very encouraged that several hundred of our local healthcare workers have drawn the line in the sand. When coerced and threatened and told it was their job or their freedom, they chose their freedom. For the record, we are not saying vaccinated people do not believe in freedom. We have lost many valuable vaccinated employees in this fight also as they took a stand for other's right to choose. This should tell you that America is still alive and more are finding their place in this fight. We only get one body and no job (we understand this is a passion for most) is worth losing our freedom. Freedom is truly that important!


Make no mistake, these healthcare heroes are still very much caring for our health and still very much our heroes. They didn't just sacrifice their careers and income for their health and family, they did this for the health of your family too. If they roll over, then we all (especially our children!) don't have a chance. Please don’t fall for the warped thinking that says, “you should care about my health over your own health and if you don’t, you’re selfish”. Demanding someone inject something foreign into their body with no guarantees of 1. Protection from the virus, 2. Safety from injuries or death resulting from this foreign substance, and 3. Threatening and now actively firing people from their passions is selfish, sick and downright evil. Pray for those affected and please do everything you can to build them up this week. If you can’t protest, share this email, ask others to sign up, honk like crazy and drive around the block a few times and do it again.


Thanks all especially healthcare and other industries who are making a huge sacrifice for the rest of America.


The Stop the Mandate GJ Team



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