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Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens looking to put a stop to this mandate handed down by all four local hospitals, their related offices, contractors and many more. We are not anti-vaccine, we are anti-government overreach. To get more information, please sign up below.

What We Do

We support those who have supported us through the pandemic. We connect displaced healthcare and other affected industries with donors, we show up at important events and respectfully voice our opposition, we cook and babysit for those who need a break after serving us for so long, we attend important government meetings and voice our concerns, but most importantly, we stand up.


If you have an event you think we should be part of, please email us. If healthcare and nurses are willing to lose their passions they spent years crafting and in school for at a time when healthcare salaries are record-high, that should force us all to look into these mandates and policies further.

Get Updates

Sign up to receive the first word when we go live. We promise to protect your information and not spam you. Identities will be verified but NEVER shared to keep those participating protected and keep the integrity of the protest intact.


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Who Are We
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