Support the movement!

Printable Resources

Feel free to use these outside of your home, at your business, tape bumper stickers up inside your back window of your car etc. We highly encourage you print extras to share with friends or hold up at protests!

NEW! Freedom-Loving Businesses

Share these far and wide! If you own a business, know a business or don't mind talking to a business, please ask them to post this in their front window so we can get ahead of any future discrimination. It's time to stop the bullying!

We do not discriminate.png
POSTER-stick it (1).jpg


Here are some posters you can print out and bring to protests, post around town, share with friends, etc. Print them all or scroll through them to find your favorite.

Bumper stickers

Real bumper stickers are coming, but in the interim, here are ones you can print from home, cut in half and tape up to the inside of the back window of your car.

Bumper Sticker (2).jpg