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Our healthcare staff are not risking their jobs for no reason. Find out more about what they are experiencing.

Note to


Hospital management is now providing staff with "exemption forms". Our strategy is NON-COMPLIANCE at all costs. Most especially, do not fill out the ones the hospital provides, or you will be playing right into their hand.


In other news, hospital supervisors are pulling staff aside individually to intimidate and interrogate them on their PERSONAL choice about taking this investigational "vaccine". Do NOT be intimidated. Here are some responses you can offer when this happens:

  • There is real reason to believe it could result in disabling injury or death - see

  • I'm not here to discuss this with you. I have to go take care of patients.

  • You're not allowing me to exercise free power of choice.

  • You're forcing me into a corner.

  • You're forcing me into a corner and putting me under duress. Telling me I can work somewhere else is still duress.

  • As my employer, you're overreaching your power by telling me what to inject into my body.

  • This is coercion and I am done with this conversation. Threatening to take it or lose your job is coercion.

  • I do not have sufficient knowledge of how this shot works in the long term on my health.

  • Previous vaccine studies on animals yielded all the animals dead.

  • This is my job, my career, and my family. I'm not sure how much more time I have left here. I'm going to go be with them now.

Note to

General Public

Specific announcements on times, dates, locations are coming sooner than you think. Please be patient and keep spreading the word as we work to vet everyone. We appreciate your support more than you know! Here are some ways you can help in the interim:

  • PRAY FOR US! We are up against a large, powerful, rich and evil force. No matter what, God is in control!

  • If you've already signed the in-person petition or can't come in person, please sign the NEW online petition!

  • Print out a "bumper sticker" and tape it to the inside of the back window of your car.

  • Use car markers on your car to write messages of support for our healthcare staff and include "" to spread awareness. Ideas for what to write are here.

  • Sign up for more information on upcoming protests, tell your trusted friends, bring a sign or print one of ours if you can and please come!